Composition and Production

Below is a collection of recordings showcasing the professional production and composition work that I have been involved of recent times. The most recent work here was produced in collaboration with composer/vocalist Briana Cowlishaw for advertising and sound library purposes.

Some album production work I have been involved with is also in this playlist including tracks from Neilsen Gough’s album Surrender which I produced and arranged. Most of the pieces in this playlist I also composed or co-composed and was involved in all aspects of production from conceptualizing the pieces, arranging and scoring, session preparation, recording sessions, and post production. Computers were used in the production but so were real musicians! String Quartets, Rhythm Sections etc Computers are incredible tools and they don’t complain… but nothing beats the real thing!

Some examples of composition I have written to film are:

Some examples of the Wires Project composition in collab with Bri Cowlishaw – Shown at The Playground Festival NZ


For any enquiries regards production and composition please contact me via email