VI LABS Ravenscroft 275 Muse Receptor Installation Guide

Hi this is just a quick post for Muse Receptor owners who have bought the Ravenscroft 275 plugin and are confused as to what to do. There are no instructions with the download so it’s easy to be confused – in my experience.

The basic missing factor is that you need to authorise the software on your PC/MAC. This is probably really obvious to some people but I was expecting to authorize through the UVI Workstation engine – which doesn’t happen.

Installation Instructions:

A) You will download the rar file from the link in your VI LABS download section

B) You will UNRAR the file and copy the extracted .UFS file into your receptor hard drive. I don’t think it matters where – you will use the UVI Workstation file browser to point to the location. (I installed in: Program Files/Vst PLugins/Ravenscroft)

note: the following two points come directly from the VI Labs website instructions for pc/mac – in case you haven’t used ilok before

C) Jump onto your Mac/PC and plug your ILOK into it. Go to the ilok website and click on iLok License Manager and download the version for your operating system. If you don’t have an iLok account yet, you can create an account by clicking on the “create free account”, then follow the steps to create your new ilok account. Keep your User ID handy as you will need it in the following steps.

D) Now it is time to register your library. Go back into your account at VILabs and select account / my downloads. Next to your download links, you should see your serial number, for now, just select and copy it. Now select account / authorize, then enter your iLok User ID and your serial number and click the “authorize” button. You should see a success message. If not, verify that your user id and serial number are correct. At this point, your library is authorized.

E) take the ILOK and put it back in the Receptor.

F) load an instance of uvi workstation plugin and use the browser to navigate to the location where you stored the Ravenscroft 275 uvs file.

and voila!

hope you enjoy the piano, it’s a beauty.