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Meme Wars

plural noun: memes
  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Meme Wars was conceived in 2017 by composer/keyboardist Gavin Ahearn.


It is a band that is a product of the era of continually updating news cycles, online propaganda, flame wars and polarisation. It is the product of an era of distraction. The music was conceived in this manner and each set is played as a continuous ‘news cycle’, never stopping but moving from one meme (song) to the next without stopping. The music crosses many genre boundaries but is rooted in jazz and funk.   

featuring: Karl Laskowski, Jason Bruer (Horns), Simon Ferenci, (Trumpet),  Carl Morgan/PJ Koopman (Guitar,) Nick Cecire (Drums), Joshua Ahearn (Bass), Luke Gallen (Samples and woodwind), P.Smurf (rap), Esme (Vocals)


Munro Band

Munro’s music is a mix of new arrangements of current and classic pop songs with some funky original tunes.

Rich harmony, Slamming backbeat, New ideas, Diverse backgrounds.

Contradictions: Back to roots – looking forward. Jazz – Old school Funk – Blues – Neo soul – Pop. Jam – anything possible – no limitations – no musical boxes – sometimes highly arranged!

Introducing: Annelise Dimech – a sensational vocalist who is sure to make a huge impact on the scene

Neilsen Gough – acclaimed singer/trumpet player with 3 decades of experience singing and playing jazz/groove

Lee Webb – hidden gem guitarist of taste, funk and soul

Peter Gray – sought after studio and touring bassist of deep groove

Josh Kaimoana – young emerging drum star of funk.

Gavin Ahearn Group

“This is world’s best practice progressive, improvised music. You’ve heard of peak oil. This is peak jazz.”Australian Stage.

This has mostly been a trio, the original members being U.S. based bassist and drummer Chris Riggenbach and Christian Coleman working many times in collaboration with Phil Woods protege, Mike Dopazo. This group recorded the album Flight of the Arctic Tern in 1994 in New York. Since then many incredible players have participated in the ongoing gigs/recordings including- Nic Cecire, Jonathan Zwartz, Matt Grubner. The latest incarnation includes Toby Hall (Drums), Brendan Clarke (Bass) Karl Laskowski, Jason Bruer (Saxes).

Coleman/Ahearn Group

My collaboration with New York based drummer Christian Coleman stretches back to 2003. He is an incredible drummer, composer and creative force. Our latest collaboration resulted in the album Cooper Ridge which also features two extraordinary New York jazz virtuoso’s – Sam Minae (Bass) and Jon Irabagon (Tenor Sax). The album was released on the famed Danish label Steeplechase. For more about the album go to the recordings page.

The Helgeland Suite

The Helgeland Suite is a conceptual ensemble inspired by the evocative nature of the Norwegian Landscape. It is so far centered around one 50 suite of music but there are plans for future compositional forays for the same ensemble. The  music was composed by myself, Brianna Cowlishaw,  Gary Hoffman (Norway) and features a 12 piece ensemble including a vocal quartet, a string quartet + rhythm section and trumpet. We debuted the suite at Hemnes Jazz Fest in the heart of the ‘Helgeland’ region that the music is inspired by. We are aiming to record the suite and for further performances in Norway and Sydney 2016. More information can be found at The Helgeland Suite.

The Helgeland Suite Ensemble - Hemnes Jazz Festival

The Helgeland Suite Ensemble – Hemnes Jazz Festival


The Wires Project

As a metaphor, ‘the wires’ infers a means of communication and “The Wires Project” was fostered with communication and the exchange of ideas as the central focus.  The genesis of the project was a photographic series by Singaporean photographer Chia Ming Chien called “The Wires” which deals with a number of themes and paradigms including: chaotic beauty, relationships over distance and space, footprints of human connections, isolation and highways of communication. Bri Cowlishaw and I began to collaborate with Ming on how  these themes could translate into a live music setting and “The Wires Project” was born. We have performed at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Vivid Sydney and Urbanscapes Festival (Kuala Lumpur). We also conduct multi disciplinary (Music, Dance, Visual Art, Literature) workshops with primary and high school students exploring the collaborative nature of improvisation. More information regarding The Wires Project is here. An video introduction to the workshops is available HERE and an info PDF HERE.





Other Groups

Groups I have been a member of or played with. Bri Cowlishaw, Ingrid Jensen, Tina Harrod Electric Band, Neilsen Gough, Adrian Mears, The Colors, Sean Coffin Sextet, Normie Rowe, Ru Paul, The Fleetwood Mac Show, The Australian Blues Brothers Show, Sussurro, Rick Robinson, Liam Burrows, Facemeat, Munro Band, Toby Hall Band, Adam Moses, Carnival Cruise Lines Showbands, Jason Bruer, Dodo Sosoka, Juraj Kalazs, Jacek  Kochan Trio, Paul Issacs Group, Perry Phillips, Peter Toohey, Daisy Hicks, Sydney Jazz Collective and more

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